Thursday, January 28, 2016


This winter I am mourning the loss of winter. Real winter. When Scott read the the forecast for the next (projected) ten days I told him, "if this kind of weather is next year too, we're going up north for February vacation week."

He's happy that we're saving money on heating bills. And I'm okay with the fact that if there's no snow days we'll get out of school on June 8th. (usually CT gets out around June 20th... we start around Labor day) But I miss the snow. And the 'bitter cold' (as my Mom calls it)

As cozy as I can make my house it's just not cozy, reAlly cozy, without snow.

That pure white blanket.  Soft and silent.  There is nothing like it.  (well maybe the first tulips coming up are that good too)

I caught Scott in the family room tonight without the fireplace even on! Now that's just wrong in January.

Usually when we shut down the house and walk upstairs together (always together) our bedroom is so cold it hurts. The heat, long turned down, makes it cold. That's why we have a blazing fire going in our family room at night. It's our heat!

When the bedroom is soooOoooo cold I get to cuddle up close.

Even Scott agrees with me on that one, we both miss winter.

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  1. Right there with you, my friend!

  2. Such a strange winter for you and us we are having the opposite..lots of rain and it's so cold here. I am not sure if I could live with snow I can not handle being cold. My body hurts all winter long from being so cold