Thursday, January 21, 2016

Beaux Strings ~ Select Orchestra

I know that there is a LOT of viola on this blog. A lot. But if I don't put it here I won't be able to look back at all of the beauty Anna (and Abigail) brought into our lives through the hard work and joy of music.

Have I ever said here that Anna started when she was just five years old? I remember that first lesson. She was wearing a little yellow gymboree dress with flowers. Abigail was on my hip in a matching dress and leggings for crawling. Anna was nervous and I had no idea what I was 'getting myself into'.

I thought, 'we'll try it for this year' and then see how it goes. Well, that was eight years ago. And we are still playing.

Anna plays in three different orchestras. This one is her select school orchestra. She had to try out for this one. She rehearsed with Beaux Strings after school on Tuesdays (already a very busy viola day) and on Thursday evenings. Thank goodness the school is basically in our backyard!

Abigail was happy for her big sister and I saw her writing a note in the morning before school. So I ran to grab my camera.



And she tucked it into her case early in the morning.


That night was the concert. It was kind of late for Abigail who is in bed at 7:30. So I brought her in her jammies with her dessert so that she could listen and then head off to sleep as soon as we got home.


It's impossible to get a photo of Anna because violas are always in the back by the cellos.


Here's a little clip. The select choir is singing while Beaux Strings is playing in the back.

And I talked Anna into a quick photo when she got home. I'm always giddy when it's not white on top. It's always black and white!


(can you see her hands?  how it looks like she has red gloves on?  Yup, that's her damaged skin... because she washes her hands too much and won't use really good lotion and I don't mean help as in dermatologist visit... I mean help as in why she scrubs her hands raw a million times a day (which we have everywhere in the house... I think we need to get some help for her... poor hands) 

This one I took just for myself. I had about four seconds to do something with her hair after dinner and before she had to leave for the concert. Really, less than a minute.


Thank you Anna for another beautiful night of music. We are proud of you.

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