Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Just in Case You Think I Live in a Fairytale

On Saturday I was feeling like I wanted to check off a bunch of 'to-dos" on my list.  Little things really, just ones I didn't get to and they were bugging me.

One of them said, "spray new boots" on the list.

You know when you get new boots (like UGS... but really I like Bear Paws) or any shoes that are going to be 'out and about' in the winter you have to spray them.  Okay, maybe it's  Connecticut thing. It's like a silicone, protectant spray.  Makes a HUGE difference!

Well, Scott got me a new pair of Bear Paws for all my cold nights when I have to drive the girls to viola or Irish Step.  (I have Raynauds and when my feet get cold they have spasms... fun, right?)

And this December I waited and waited for a certain pair of boots to go on sale from Lands End.  I had circled them in the catalog way back in October and waited.  I was so happy when I ordered them in January.  On such a sale it was a dream come true (and in the color I wanted)

So back to Saturday night.  I sprayed them outside (and Anna's too because I felt like they needed a recoat) and then Sunday morning I woke up to this.


Not just some rain.  But ~flood in the backyard, boots underwater~ rain.


And I had forgotten to take the boots in on Saturday evening so they were out all night in the downpours.  I was so mad I could have cried.  But I sulked and slammed doors and didn't talk for half a day.

So now we are on day four of drying out, with a fan, next to the basement dehumidifier.    My never worn yet, sigh, new boots.

 ~ and dear friends who visit and comment here... I have not been to your blogs in the longest time.  I miss them but am getting used to a new schedule and am now teaching reading at two different schools.  It's wonderful but is an adjustment over here.  I'll visit as soon as I can ~


  1. Boo..I would be mad as well!

    At least you are blogging. I feel like I have become a once a week blogger if that and that I don't have much to blog about.

    Hope,you are having a happy Tuesday!

  2. Oh Tara!
    I'm sorry!
    I hate stuff like that...
    But knowing your Scott, he will figure a way to fix them good as new. : )