Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Been Busy Cookin

I love being in my kitchen.  I love cooking.  But some days it feels sooooOooooo good to pull something homemade from the freezer.  No work.  No mess.  Food we love.

Lately I've been cooking two or three freezable items on each weekend. I love when our freezer is packed with goodness.  Like this...

(please keep in mind that these are quick phone pictures.  nothing pretty)

Meatballs.  I did four trays last weekend.  Froze them and bagged them up.  Great over pasta, perfect in a grinder, and Anna love Italian meatball soup.


I make these turkey, cranberry breads for the girls. I cut them in triangles and they fill lunchboxes throughout the week or are perfect for an after school snack.


Always on the weekend a crockpot of chicken. I season boneless, skinless and then we have it for salads, in wraps, and sometimes I toss some in a quick noodle soup.


Refrigerator rolls. You make the dough ahead of time (on the weekend for me) and then it stays in the frig for a week. You simply scoop the number of dinner rolls you want, pop em in the oven and you have hot rolls.


Chocolate Sandwich cookies for lunchboxes


A triple batch of pasta sauce. I like to freeze it in big baggies. One baggie is enough for one dinner for us. Perfect!


Scott's snack mix. He makes this for me every Sunday. It has no sugar but is sweetened with the dried fruit. (I have blood sugar issues and really have to watch my sugar levels) It's packed with protein since it bakes int he oven with egg whites (extra protein) And it tastes sO good (cocoa powder, coconut flakes, yum) He created and has perfected this mix for me over many months. I can't live without it.


For Anna and I. I make a tray or two of these rainbow egg cups. I frig em and they are perfect for breakfast or even after school.


"Daddy cookies" I've been making these forever. It's a mix of two recipes. Oatmeal chocolate chip and Toll House Chip cookies. I like to make two sizes. Smaller ones for fitting in lunch box bentos and bIg ones for Scott at night with his tea.


For dinner every Tuesday (Tuesday is our busy night) We make a double batch of this chicken and have it for dinner Tuesday night and cut up in salads throughout the week.


Food planning and preparing is not always fun but it is always more than worth it! Pick a few of your favorite recipes and make one ahead for the week. It makes the school week so much happier. I still cook dinner every night but I love having a few go - to meals just in case. Because there is always a 'just in case' needed.


  1. Can I come for a weekend training session?

  2. Hi Tara! My name is Lisa! I discovered your blog through that sweet ol Billie Jo❤️ I've been silently following you blog ;) but couldn't help but post a comment today! I love you blog & your family is so sweet! Both you & Billie Jo are such a source of inspiration for me! You both embody everything that I love.. Family, cozy homemaking(as I like to call it😉), the joy of cooking and my Catholic faith.. Perfect!! Everything looks delicious! You should post some recipes sometimes! I LOVE to cook and try new recipes! And that cranberry turkey bread has sparked my curiousity!!! As well as everything else in this post.. But that bread.. YUM!! Maybe you can post the recipe sometime?? I keep saying I am gonna start a blog but just haven't got around to it yet BUT I am on Instagram! So please come check me out! I think you'll find we love a lot of the same things.. It's hot_coffee4lisa Your family is beautiful! Blessings, Lisa❤️

  3. I would love some recipes, the cranberry turkey bread sounds good as well as those shortbread cookies with the chocolate filling!! Our busy season is coming up with softball and I'll be freezing and using my crockpot way too much. I refuse to eat fast food!! ;)

  4. I have been waiting for you to post some of your wonderful looking recipes. I will send you a message because the dinner roll recipe and and cookie sandwich recipe is something I would like.
    I am coming over next weekend.:)