Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to that Summer Trip

Well I never finished and I have to because so much of that trip is not on this blog.  I remember where I left off but just in case you wanted to read from the beginning.

But really I left you all on a cliff hanger about Anna and our scare with Chicken Pox.  Go back here if you want to read that part.  

So there we were in Ohio... in the middle of nowhere.  And we all had to get some sleep that night.  We were nervous as anything in the morning.  We didn't bother to eat breakfast.  We just packed up and checked out of that hotel as fast as we could.  And bright and early we found that Walk In Clinic my sister in law found for us.  

Let me tell you that when I walked in I knew I 'wasn't home'.  I know I shouldn't judge by what I saw but I certainly was worried that we'd be 10 hours on our way home from that Clinic.  There was no way they'd know what Anna had or didn't have.  
(I sure do wish I had a picture of that place)

But boy was I wrong.  After a long wait in the waiting room.  (Abigail was watching Rachel Ray cooking on the TV they had going and Scott was looking up everything he could about Chicken Pox on his phone.) we headed in for our turn to see the doctor.  

One second, one look and he knew just what it was.  Not chicken pox but a kinda rare rash that looks just like chicken pox.  And then he took one look at Abigail's face rash (it's been all over this blog) and gave her a prescription as well.  We asked the nurse to send in the prescription to our final destination and we were off.  

Seven hours later this picture was taken.  


And worth ever second of our trip. Every second.

My heart was pounding as we pulled into their beautiful neighborhood. So so pretty. Like out of a movie or something. And I couldn't believe that we were there. I love this family so much!

After all of that driving it sure was good to get out of the car and the girls all ran out back to jump on their tramp.


Now, I know that we all saw each other last summer but it's like these girls are long lost family or something. They never skipped a beat and just had so much fun from the start.

(woah Riley, you can sure get some height on that thing!)

And sweet Janey, so patient and giving (she was like this all the time)


Yup, waited for this for a year too! Love my friend! (more on Cindy later... promise)


But I've gotta start with Dave. Oh man, what a cook. I can barely blog the cooking pictures without my tummy rumbling. Seriously. Amazing. Cook. The first night he had dinner all prepared. (I hope I don't get this wrong) Sweet tea, BBQ smoked pork (I think he started cooking it like a week before or something... it was that amazing), jalapeno glaze, cornbread, coleslaw, and just pure home cooked heaven.


Yes, we ate like that every night. Poor Dave cooking for an extra family! (more on Dave and Dave's cooking coming later)

These two!


So good to be out of the car!



And then we went for a long walk through their neighborhood and just enjoyed being together.


We left their house to head to our hotel late that night.. it was so hard to leave them even though we knew we'd be back over the next morning. But sleep was calling. And sleep felt so good.



  1. Such fun! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

  2. I didn't realize you two knew each other! I read her blog also and it's just lovely :-) How great to see them in person again. One of these days we have to get our families together :-) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!



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