Friday, September 18, 2015


I saw these two photos in my Light Room today.  I didn't take them to make a blog post about them.  But it stuck me when I saw them.


Abigail is in 3rd grade now and her teacher (love love love) handed out these "Student Planners" during the first week.  They are responsible for writing their homework (can I stop here and just say that I adore her homework policy... math and reading and THAT'S IT!)  Anyway, Abigail was pleased as punch about her 'grown up' planner.  She's in the big time now!!!


And Anna with the Chrome Book (I really don't even think it's spelled that way) we bought her because I was tired of her working downstairs in the playroom on our family computer.  (we all need to be on the same floor of the house after school.. I waited allll day to be with them)  She would have to log me off  every time she did homework and I could never figure out how to log back on.  It was crazy.  Now that she has her own chrome book she is instantly logged on and her assignments are sent directly / saved directly to her google drive and accessible at school.  It amazes me.  She's pleased as punch too.



In this house the girls love things that keep us organized, help us save time... and that are blue!

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  1. Chrome books are amazing! I have a mac myself but for a transitional computer i think that chrome books are just enough tech but not so much that it's overwhelming :) I love that blue too! Hope the girls are enjoying school :)