Thursday, September 24, 2015

Five Years Ago

This was my life five years ago. This cutie was home with me all day, everyday.


We took walks by the reservoir. We stayed home and played. We were together all the time. It was glorious.

It still is.

Five years ago little Anna came home from third grade and did some homework.  I made her smoothies and muffins and we chatted about her day.  It was such a happy part of our day.


While I kept Abigail quiet and busy so Anna could do her homework with things like playdoh.


Anna practiced viola (look at how wittle her viola was!)


While Abigail jumped on the couch.


Five years have past and my heart, my life, my days still belong to them. Completely to them. Not much has really changed in five years.

I still

love to be home

to be their mama and his wife

to work every day to make our home a place of comfort and joy

to draw closer to the One who knit us together as a family.

Yes, five years have past and not much has changed. And that makes me happy.


  1. Ahhhhhh.
    Those days gone by.
    How quickly!
    But these days, as you say, are perfectly perfect too.

  2. And what a precious walk down memory lane!