Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Abigail and School

I talked a lot here on this blog about last year for Abigail in school. She struggled a lot with symptoms of her disease and so she struggled a lot in school. Pretty much when you wake up with your "tummy hurting" (for real) and a lot of the time eating hurts it's just plain hard to get through a day of school. But that little girl of ours has so much love bottled in her and so much enthusiasm for life that all that 'hard stuff' just gets washed away.

This year could not be going better! We adore her teacher. (Anna had her years back when she was in third grade too) I actually wrote her teacher a letter this fall telling her all about her influence on Anna those years back. How sharing her own adoption story melted Anna's heart and how she saw forever what a gift being 'the one adopted' in a family really was. So of course when Mrs. Anderson was on the list for Abigail's teacher this year we all screamed!

This year she's talking about recess and reading and how Mrs. Anderson "hides learning." Which pretty much means to me that she's a super creative teacher if Abigail still thinks it's all fun! (and I know they're doing some challenging things by now)

Last Thursday night I got to go to Curriculum Night (open house only for parents) Scott couldn't be with me because his school was having their open house on the same night. So I told him I'd take phone shots of anything that wasn't coming home.

Abigail was super excited about Curriculum Night.  She had prepared so many wonderful things for me to see (along with the talk that Mrs. Anderson would give explaining everything about the year)  She bubbled over that afternoon and days ahead with "you'll have to guess where I sit."  "there are clues and you'll have to go around reading them"  "And then wait til you see my desk!"  "and my writing binder is in there, I finished decorating that. You have to see it."  On and on!

I love the beginning of the school year. The excitement, the clean and sparkly desk, the name tag still new, the binder all tidy. And the way it pours out of her work. I love it all. Just a few things I loved about that night that she had left out for me...

All of the name tags were flipped over so that you couldn't read the names (super cleaver) and this was the letter that let me know it was HER desk.


(Chicken Noodle Soup is really called "Abigail Soup" in this house. Love how she even changed the name of that soup so that it would be more fun guessing)

We had to send in pictures for her to decorate her writing binder. This is how she decorated it.





Inside (ideas to write about)

This nearly took my breath away.


(I'd say she ran out of time because she left out some important people and ideas .... but God and Jesus... love that in big bold letters for things that fill her heart)

I had to text this to her Auntie Jackie... yup... she's a pretty cool Auntie.


And how much does her toes peeking out of her sandles look? Love this!


See, they look exactly like her sandals. (this I took months ago)


And that dress? Yes, she has a blue dress with a big sparkly star on it.

On the cover of the packet of parent stuff. It just oozes with a joy filled third grader.


And one more "guess who". This time a poster.


I love September. Back to school. Newness. Crisp mornings and cozy evenings (now that they're finally here) It's all so good. Once again. I'd like to ask for it to all slow down. This is a happy time in my life. And I'm grateful to God that I KNOW that these are the happy days of my life. Right now I'm not living in the "I can't wait" or "I wish they were on my hip still" (well, maybe a little) They ARE still little. They are my sweet girls. And that's one of the reasons why I blog. To prove it. See those toes on the portrait she colored? Prof positive... she's little!


  1. Oh yes! Yes to it all!!!!
    So happy this year is a happy one!!!!!
    Soak it in...
    Love you!

  2. I am so happy she is having a better year!! I love her cute pictures!
    How is your school year going?

  3. Awe I love everything about this post! Looks like it will be a great year for her!



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