Monday, September 28, 2015

I Will

(this weekend in Maine)

Scott and I went to a wedding about fifteen years ago.  It was a teacher in Scott's school at the time.  I didn't know the bride or the groom.  And Scott just knew the bride through teaching.  He lost touch over the years as he moved on and she did as well.  But I'll never forget that wedding and I can tell you that they are still married  It was the most beautiful wedding.  It was outdoor and on a lake.
And it rained.  As the couple started saying their vows it started to pour.  So many of the guests ran for cover. (right in the middle of the sacred vows)  We sat right there and didn't move.  The rain poured down as they said, "I will love you forever."

Seriously beautiful.

And then someone sang this song.  It was so romantic.

We've been married for nineteen years.  And although 'real life' is not always the easiest we are together still 'sitting in the pouring rain' on some days.  But we won't budge.  We sit and sometimes wait things out, or weather a storm, or hold on to each other fiercely.  But we're together.  Because

who knows how long I've loved you
you know I love you still...

love you forever and forever
love you with all my heart
love you whenever we're together
love you when we're apart

I will... 

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  1. So very sweet! Love the words.... Happy Anniversary and many more!