Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Before September

Oops!  It's already September.  But I'm close!  Just a few little things I've captured on my phone over the past month.

Church.  I started an after church photography project.  I take a quick phone picture after Mass every single week.  For a WHOLE YEAR!  Someday I'll do a longer post on it but for now let me just say that never missing Mass is the greatest decision in the world I've ever made for my family. We are on week 27 now and it's awesome!


Hair, and a cute hair clip. Remember Riley?!


After school. I'm the happiest then!


We all are


Preppy on the way to school. She's a dress every single day girl but that PE day we try to be cute anyway.


I've been texting my sister in law pictures of water bottles whenever I see them at a store. It's a long funny story. We were hysterical moving her out of their house. I counted 47 water bottles in their cabinet!! 47!!!


Jokes in the lunch box


Abigail and I made these.


on the day grandpa took the three oldest grand kids to an amusement park. I wish I took a picture of the "after"! They were hot, tired, and dirty from head to toe! All of them!  But so excited here!


On Anna's Adoption day Scott was unable to even move because of his back. And I wanted to do something special for Anna. Hartford had these amazing dragon boat races and an Asian festival right in the downtown. So I took the girls. And it was so hot that we left. Ha! And did this instead. A fancy hotel nearby had a starbucks. She thought it was super great!


The only picture I snapped of Anna on her Adoption Day. Grandma came to Mass with us!


Outdoor movie about to start. But then the lightening and thunder came. Running to the car was way more fun than the movie could ever be anyway!


Bad picture but I have to remember our time together this summer. We did 3 miles every SINGLE night. EVERY!


Gosh! Been fighting this on and off since mid June!!! And for some reason I can deal with her chronic disease and Anna's major adoption issues. Big stuff I can do. But this silly rash, ugh! It's driving me crazy!


Fourth dr appointment




A really sweet read aloud I'm doing with Abigail right now.  Mostly because I want to be that mama mouse right there on the cover! And really, 'the rose cottage tales' be. still. my. heart.  I'll live there too.


Best third grade teacher in the whole wide world. Hugging before Open House visit day was over.  That is soooooome love!  Amen to answered prayers and teachers who love kids... all kids.



So Abigail.  Her smile!!! (in the book nook)


Open House is the best!  Everything so shiny and new!


After Mass and after the Youth Rosary Group my girls belong to.  A longer post on that soon.


I'm still working my way through the Tidy book.  This was the kitchen day... ugh!


Anna and I saw three bunnies in one night during our 3 miles.


First time doing her makeup without Madison by her side.


After Mass


When snack is pretty


Scott loves family games more than anyone I've ever met. We must own a million. But these 'cooperative' games (no one wins) are our favorite. This one is Hoot Owl Hoot.


The one an only picture I snapped at the pool this summer. Such a shame.... But really this one is perfection. We had it all to ourselves that morning and I was pretending to sit there. Really, Abigail is still an eyes on her at all times swimmer.


And that's it... for now!

Oh, except for this quick video of Abigail running out of school on the first day.

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