Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Still... Back to School... School Lunches

Each year at the beginning of August when the back to school catalogs come in the mail I want to throw them all out. All except for the lunch box catalogs.

I am obsessed with lunch box prettiness. Lunch box function. Lunch box easy. Lunch box color. Everything lunch boxes I love.

I cut out the pictures. I get out my tape measure and compare last years lunch boxes to the 'new ones' of the season.

I can debate for hours on what cooling ice is the best/ cutest/ most adorable.

I buy handmade cloth napkins so that they have a touch of home with them.

I bought lunch box jokes this year at a fine art museums gift shop.

I love lunch boxes.

And each year I treat the girls myself to a whole new set. It's just what I do.

And here is the washed, dried, and ready to go set for this year.


I love how it's all matchy matchy.


And I'm a big believer on getting "all the parts" instead of making the parts you have work for you. Those matching thermos bottles for winter soups... adore!

As you can see this year I went (for the first time) with the whole Bento system. And my usual cookie recipe doesn't fit. (don't worry, it wasn't a surprise. I measured ahead of time)


But these bears work just perfectly.


Yes, we're off to a great start of lunches this year.

Happy New Year presents to me!

a little lunch box post from last year.

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  1. Love the fun colors of their lunch boxes. I always send a fun napkin in Juliana's lunch and fun cupcake toppers or a note. Last year I picked up a bento box for Juliana and love it. I do at times still send something that won't fit in a baggie though.


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