Friday, September 11, 2015

"I have an important announcement to make" says Anna at dinner

Last year was Anna's first year in middle school. You know, leaving the comfort of elementary school. No more one teacher, one classroom all day. And she was ready and nervous all at the same time. (perfect mix I think) One thing she asked for (so mature I think) was to not have to try out for Beaux Strings. Beaux strings is the elite strings orchestra in her school. And since she wanted to do knitting club and art club after school we decided to let her first year be totally up to her. And we're so glad we did. She made a smart choice with the knitting and art club. She attended all year and just love relaxing with her knitting projects. (and art has always been her thing)

But this year...

This year we told her (waaaaay back in the early summer) that we were expecting her to audition for Beaux Strings. She didn't really argue with us or try to get out of it. Deep down she knew that she should. I mean, she's been playing the viola since kindergarten! I think it was more of signing up for the audition and going through the social part than the actual playing.

She waited until the week before to start rehearsing the written music. Her solo was ready but the written pieces were hard. She knew that she should have been rehearsing them all summer long. So she made this practice chart to help herself focus with just a few days to pull it off.


I mean really... take a look at that music... even her private viola teacher was "wow" when he saw it.



And then we had long forgotten about her audition until during dinner this week she said, "I have an important announcement to make" (so I grabbed my phone)

She beaming and we're proud.


  1. Congratulations Anna!!!! So exciting :-)


  2. Oh Anna congratulations! So very excited for you!


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