Thursday, September 3, 2015

Raise em Up

This song made me think of this picture.

I found it on Scott's phone.  I had no idea it was there until yesterday.  And then I saw it.

He snapped it just as we were about to walk into our church on this most amazing day in May.  Her First Holy Communion.

I'm so glad he did.

I took about nine thousand, six hundred photos that day.  And I had her photos 'professionally' taken but this one.  This one snapped with his iphone.  Yup, it's the very best one.

vertical photo with splash of color

Maybe it's because I've held her hand and walked across this parking lot, crossed the street and into our church every single Sunday her whole entire life. I'm not quite sure, really what it is. It just is my absolute favorite picture of this amazing day.

And I'll hold her hand and walk across this parking lot and cross this street to our church every single Sunday until the day she wears a white gown again many years from then.  And then she'll find her own parish and do the same thing with her babies.

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  1. Sooo sweet! Love this picture but I have to tell you the last paragraph brought tears to my eyes...