Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Mommy, will you stay with me til the very last minute?"

*** warning, there are way too many pictures on this post***

I'm so glad I have this blog because by the time I get around to scrapbooking "the first day of school" I would have surely forgotten what Anna said to me.  "mommy, will you stay with me til the very last minute?"

Today I feel GRATEFUL.  Grateful to be Anna's Mom.  Grateful to get to "do" the first day of school and live this life as Anna's mom. 

It gets me every time, the first day of school.  It's much harder than a birthday.  I guess it's because on their birthday they are so excited and it's a big celebration.  Cake and presents make everything okay. 

But the 'first day of school', ugh, that 's much harder.  Each year seems so much more significantly older and farther away from my toddler at home.  And for Anna, separation is painful. 

She always starts out so excited at home.

Portraits of a third grader...


Anna wears a red dress every year on the first day to honor her birth country, China.




A breakfast note from daddy...


Anna chose a simple beaded braclet that we bought for her in China when she was only 14 months old.  We recently gave it to her for Chinese New Year. 
1 anna looking up



Sister pictures...

sister faces

sister kiss

portrait 2


arms up

Walking up the street to her school.  Her mood suddenly changed.  I knew it would. All of the kids looked a bit nervous. 

walking in

Then we found her teachers sign and waited with her class (and the whole school) during the 'welcome back' mini assembly.


close up straight

Not Anna's favorite part of the morning. She might have felt better if she got to go in and start her day with her teacher instead of waiting.

close up

close up looking down

But Mrs. Anderson was lovely. She welcomed Anna and made her feel at ease. She was sweet and asked Anna if she wanted to walk in with her.


walking in 2

And so she did. She walked in with the marching welcome back music that was playing.

with teacher


"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

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