Thursday, September 29, 2011


Our school district gets out an hour and twenty minutes early every Wednesday so that the teachers can have professional development.  When I was a teacher I loved Wednesdays.  A little bit of a shorter day with my class and some time to learn more with my colleagues. 

Now I love Wednesdays even more.  Wednesdays are one of the few days that the girls don't have any special activities.  I didn't do that on purpose but an so happy with how our schedule turned out this year.  I've decided to keep Wednesdays all to ourselves.  Shh... don't tell anyone.  No play dates, no activities, nothing.  Abigail and I pick up Anna at 2:00 and the rest of the afternoon til dinner (which I cook at 9:30am so that I don't have to later) is all ours.  It's glorious!

Today we went to a little farm close to our house.  Abigail's preschool is close by so we see it each time she goes.  Today she noticed it and wanted to go with Anna after school.  It was the perfect mini field trip for our short Wednesday. 


girls at fence

I wonder how many times I've stood by this fence, walked through their barn.  A hundred maybe?  Long before Anna could even walk we were there.   

anna on arms

While the magic still exists for the girls at the farm they love now even more to "explore" the little gardens.  Today we found a ton of butterflies.  So cool! 

butterfly 1

And I couldn't stop taking pictures of them!
butterfly 2


butterfly 4

This one below is my favorite!  Anna thinks it's her long lost butterfly from when she was just five.  "Baby"
butterfly 5

on bench anna looking

All I can say once again is that I'm so grateful to be able to be with my girls...
Abigail on bench

And just so I remember years from now... Abigail with her sneakers on (allergic to grass) on the wrong feet.

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  1. Beautiful shots tara! Serioulsy, how did you get those? Different lens? Just plain gifted?:)
    Looks like a very peaceful place.
    I think I would love Wednesdays too.
    What a great mid-week recharge.:)
    have a happy day tara