Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Anna

Dear Anna,

I just got home from "Curriculum Night".  And boy, oh boy did it give me some perspective on your day.  I feel like I should have known how I'm feeling right now, I was a third grade teacher for three years as well as a first and second.  But somehow in the past 7 years home I forgot.

I got so busy being your mom that I forgot the high expectations that those teachers have for you.  I'm not complaining; I know they're right.  And, by the way, I'm happy that they push you all so hard.  You go to an awesome school with the best teachers.  I had just forgotten to think about YOUR DAY and what YOUR DAY must feel like sometimes. 

Like when you have to write a story for an hour and try to have all of those "juicy words" and parts that your teachers want. Okay, well maybe you're thinking, "I like to write stories."  But sometimes, there must be some times, that you don't feel like sitting and quietly working.  But you do.

Or how about learning all of those math facts, hard stuff those multiplication ones!  And how about solving all of those open ended math word problems and having to write about how you got your answer.

And then there's the reading.  I know you LOVE to read, LOVE to.  But the stories that you have to read and the nonfiction pieces.  Having to write and write and write about them, that's GOT to be hard to do day after day.  Right?

Please know Anna that I'm grateful for the hard work that school is.  I want you to grow and be ALL that you can be.  And writing all of those prompts not only makes you a better writer but gives you confidence.  And that is just as important. 

It's hard work being a third grader and I plan on recognizing it more.  You amaze me, really.  You come out of that school each and every day with a smile on your face.  You're happy and eager to start homework, play with your sister, and enjoy the rest of your day.  Boy, I was thinking tonight, if I had to do what you just did in school, I'd be doggone tired! 

Good for you for working so hard and learning so much.  Good for you for trying new things and stretching your mind.  Good for you for doing it day in and day out.  I plan on doing less thinking about my tasks that need to be done, my lists, and thinking about the nuts and bolts of your day.  I plan on doing a whole lot less complaining about the messes that I clean up around here and thinking about how hard you work each day.  I plan on making a conscious effort to make your transition back into home a softer one.  Not just with the cookies and milk but with the tone of my voice and the extra hugs. 

I'm so proud of you and all that you do each and every day.  Keep it up third grader, keep it up! 

Love, mommy

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  1. tara this was perfect!! It is kind of eye opening when we see all our little ones have to do all day isn't it? Things sure wern't like that when I went to school, or even when I taught for that matter!!:)
    I love what you said about making their transition to home softer with more hugs and kind words...great advice!! You should shout that from a "backyard pulpit" for sure!:)haha
    have a happy day