Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dancing with Daddy, Summer Kitchen, and Colds

I caught some sweet moments of Abigail dancing with Daddy the other day. These might be my new favorite pictures.  The light was harsh and I didn't want to miss the moment by putting down shades so I just soaked it in and shot away.  The song was 'Cinderella' by Steven Curtis Chapman.  (our all time favorite singer)


ohh, that look on Abigail's face, love it! 


love her little hand in daddy's here and her hair.

big, stong, arms, twirling her around

I'm packing away my 'summer kitchen' and bringing out all of the fall.  I might say this at the beginning of every season but fall is my favorite.  All of the cookbooks have heavy, harvest recipes.  The colors I fill my house with make me feel warm and cozy.  I look forward to jean and sweaters, really I do.  Here are just a few pictures of my summer kitchen that I packed away today. 

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

kitchen 3

kitchen 4

kitchen 5

kitchen 6

kitchen 7

Colds are running through our family.  It started  with Anna this weekend.

anna sick 1

anna sick 2

And now Abigail has it... so she's back to napping. 

I'm getting into the swing of September around here.  This is the week that all of Anna's after school programs are up and running, and Abigail's Kindermusik class started as well.  Routine is good.


  1. Those pictures are wonderful! Definitely something to treasure! Hope you have a wonderful week.


  2. Oh that song gets me everytime!!
    Great captured moment.

    Love your summer kitchen. The bowls and measuring cups, the plates with the girls handprints. Can't wait to see the fall version.

    Aubrey has a cold right now...breaks my heart!
    (what is the name of Anna's game? I think we gave that as a gift it good? She looks pretty engaged!?!:)

    have a happy day