Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What we did during the Storm

We were so fortunate to not loose power and even more so to not have water in our finished basement.  We have some pretty big trees so there was a lot of clean up that's still not done yet. 

storm 1

storm 3

The girls really got into cleaning up even though it was so windy! It was nice to be outside after being inside for two days!

storm 2

Here's what we did during the storm evening. Snowstorms and I guess hurricanes bring out the nesting in me.

storm 5

storm 4

To all of those that still don't have power we're praying for you that it returns soon. I can't imagine...

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  1. Glad you all survived with little damage and clean-up. As a FL girl, I have seen my share of hurricane aftermath!
    Storms and being stuck inside bring out the nesting in me too. That's a good thing right??:)
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment yesterday. I would love to tell you about our afterschool routine. (I think you might have asked me that before...sorry!!) Drop me an email so I have your address. I think you are not alone in your struggles. That time of day is tough for everyone. Transitions are hard in general. Add in the end of a busy long school day, hunger, homework, friends and an already busy time of day (predinner) and you have a recipe for disaster. I am sure you are doing a wonderful job juggling it all. :) I don' thave to worry about cooking so I have it a bit easier!!haha chat again soon
    have a happy day