Friday, September 9, 2011

A curtain Surprise

I've been 'deep cleaning' Anna's room this week.  It's a lot easier to do when she's not there to find all of her little treasures.  I can make 'executive decisions' easier and Abigail has a ball playing will everything I pull out for her. 

I decided it was time for new curtains as I took the old ones down to wash them.  So Abigail and I headed to the 'zoeing store' as she calls it and got to work.  Simple, not fancy, and all of about $8 total! 

The best part of all was the surprise that Abigail and I gave her after we picked her up at school! 

curtains 4

curtains 5

curtains 6
(sorry for the grainy photos... not enough light in that room on a rainy day)

curtains 2

curtains 1

curtains 3

Like I said, simple. So simple that you can look up close. I'm all about a project I can get an idea about, get to the store, whip out my sewing machine, sew, (all the while keeping Abigail occupied) and hang them up all in a few hours. I just don't have the attention span for anything more.

(Liz, my expert sewer friend, I hope you don't see this post... how I wish you lived closer... imagine what you could have done in a few hours!)

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