Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Abigail is adjusting to no more naps. 

crying 1

crying 2

She's actually doing quite well, but she does have her late afternoon melt downs now and again.  And boy was she mad at me for trying to capture it with the camera! 

We only started this week with Anna's 'back to school'.  I was starting to find that when she took a nap she had trouble falling asleep early at night.  And I love when she crashes into bed and is asleep before I shut the door. 

It's also always been difficult to wake her up from a nap, and with picking up Anna at school it's just easier to bring along a fully awake Abigail than a 'just woke up from nap' Abigail. 

So we've been doing 'quiet time' in the afternoon.  This week we had picnic lunches in our backyard, came in, and I read a bunch of books to her.  Then we went in the playroom so she could play quietly (and listen to Raffi "Quiet Time" cd) and I could turn on the computer, check email, etc.  She loves it!  At prayer time she even told it as one of the things she was grateful for. 

I do plan on letting her nap if we have any late afternoon events or certainly on days when I know she'll be going to bed super late. It's really just for those school night when I need them in bed by 8:00. We'll see...

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  1. Letting go of naps can be soooo hard! Even on us mamas!:0 I dread the day Aubrey goes napless (i better whisper...I hear her chatting away up there...). The quiet time is a perfect transition. And I agree...car pick-up with cranky just woke up kids is never fun!!:)
    have a happy day Tara

    there's that raffi again!!:)