Monday, January 31, 2011

My Kinda Weekend

Oh yes, it was my kinda weekend!  With a bit of this...

and a lot of scrubbing power from Scott (he wouldn't let me take pictues of him), and our huge wet/dry vac all of our stair carpets are squeeky clean!  Been meaning to do this for so long.  We're so glad we did.  Can you tell me how they can get so dirty when we don't wear shoes in the house?  Beats me!  Two days later and the stairs still make me smile.

I remember reading a Christian Marrigae book together (before kids... lots of time) and it was on the Five Love Languages.  Mine has always been and will always be "acts of service".  I'm much happier with scrubbed carpets than shiny jewlery.  I say he's lucky!

Anna had her first sleepover with her best friend. 

They all look so tired, it was way late!  Not a great picture but I don't care.  I love the look on Anna's face.  Pure contentment.  She looks happy, safe, and loved.  Oh how we have to work on that with her every day. 

Abigail was pretty smitten with the idea of her sleeping over too!  She insisted on pouring a glass of water and leaving it for them on Anna's dresser before she went to bed. 

A bit of chocolate cake, great dinner at my parents, busy but fun!

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