Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Mothers Book, Books on Tape, Special Cupcakes, and a Blast form the Past

Sometimes I wonder 'why' as I walk past the amazing presents Santa brought when Abigail is so very happy with books on tape.  From my days of teaching I have over a hundred books with matching tapes.  I try to remember to take them out seasonally because they love them.  they love the headphones, the tape player and the books.  Tapes date me for sure but they sure do love them!

A book I love each morning.  A one sentence reading to think about from scripture, one sentence to pray about, one sentence idea to try out.  Three sentences I can easily fit into my morning.

And since we have to go to a birthday party today Abigail took a trip to a dairy and gluten free bakery.  She's tickled pink that everything in the bakery she can eat.  She asks me a dozen times while we're in there, "am I allergic to these things?"  I love taking her there.  It's expensive as you could imagine but their cupcakes are so much prettier than the ones I usually make for her.  I love watching her pick them out in the window. 

And the cute girl behind the counter is my blast from the past.  "Mrs. Baker," she said in her sweet voice.  Little Lindsey that I had in my third grade class 15 (yes 15) years ago!  She was just as sweet as ever.  It was wonderful to see her.  Just graduated in May with a Masters in English; so smart even way back then.  Sure made me smile and feel a bit old.  That young teacher from years ago it's nice to remember. 

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  1. Ok...where do I begin...books on tape...millions of them!! I try to remember to bring them out too. I do have a few on cd, so I don't feel too old!:)

    I am still wondering "why" about a few of our gifts too....

    I love the idea of one simple thought for the day, I think my brain could handle that!!

    Those cupcakes look so delicious!!

    Seeing a student all grown up is the best isn't it!! My first class of kind. are like 27 or so now!!! Yikes!
    Thanks for "flashing me back" tonight too!!
    Enjoy the night?

    Did you ever go see Tangled?? Sorry I never got back to you on the scariness level.