Friday, January 28, 2011

Another, again

Next week Anna's going to wake up and say to me, "mommy, isn't it a snow day?  We haven't had one in a 3 days!"
I know we'll be going to school in July or something but for now I'll take the slow mornings of a snow day and just playing inside.

Knowing there might be a snow day coming we fit in a play date with Anna's best bus stop friend!  (Who is so photogenic, the camera begs to come out of the bag when she comes over.  This is the only ok one of Anna, her friend was smashing in every single one!)

Snuggling on a snow day morning. 

Taking advantage of a lot of extra time on a snow day. 
Don't you wish that they made a purple fleece dress in you size? 
It's her favorite and so snugly... 

I adore how little she looks here.  I'm so glad I took the time to capture the last of toddlerhood... little feet, constant movement, and soft cheeks.

Happy Friday everyone! 

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