Monday, January 3, 2011

Good bye vacation

There is nothing more that I love than school vacations!  Even though we're just home, we're together.  I love being home, love to nest, love to cook, love to be with Scott and my girls.  So this week off was a bit of Heaven!  It sure feels like a long day for Anna at school and it's awful quiet around here!  Abigail looks a little lost without her!  Some Christmas Day pictures!

At Grandma and Grandpas house in Cromwell.  Eager to open stockings. 

darling, just love this one!

Any picture that shows that my girls are still little tend to be favorites of mine

A play date for 2 is the perfect gift for my two girls who do everything together. Delighted and sitting with their Uncle Tommy.  (my brother)  Speaking of everything together.  I even noticed on vacation that when one has to use the bathroom, the other comes along and shuts the door behind them.  They are seriously always together. 

Cracks me up, the picture of the girl on the box.  Why does a princess always have to have blonde hair and fair skin.  Anna is such a beautiful princess.  Anna had so much fun building this with Scott on vacation and even more fun playing it!

1 comment:

  1. Great photos!
    I laughed on the bathroom older two do the very same thing!!! So sweet!!!
    Enjoy the day Tara


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