Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snapshot 2011

Life sure does whirl around us so quickly.  I'm so happy to be in the "thick of it" and not distracted by teaching right now.  But even in the business there are still some things that I want to remember about our life.  I love the way Shawni records her snapshot here. 

Here are some things I want to remember today:

Scott always comes to the back door tired from his day but with excitement and energy for all three of his girls.

Abigail asks every day, when is daddy coming home?

Abgial's eating is a bit better but she still has a long way to go before she is eating a normal amount of food.

Anna is Abigil's best cheerleader with eating, well, with everything.  She is Abigai's whole world.  And I love that they are so very close.

Anna is doing well in second grade.

Anna is reading so much more this year.  It's a joy to see her devour books on her own.  Something certainly clicked with her this year.  She's a reader.

Scott and I love our "date nights" at home.  We're not big on going out.  We love our cozy home.  We love to cook something special for just us and eat when the girls are in bed.

On the other hand, we love family dinners.  The loud, rowdy, family dinners.  Every night.

I cook a lot.  And I do like it (most of the time).  One of the greatest blessing that came from Abigail's EE is that she can't eat out.  At all.  So I cook everything.  I never knew that I could. 

Abigails says over and over each day (in the evening) in the sweetest voice, "now we're finally together!"

Anna sleeps with 9 soft weebie dolls.  She has to have all of them lined up in her bed a certain way to be able to go to sleep.  We're often searching for one of them at bedtime.  Scott is much more patient with that than I am.  Let's see if I can remember their names:  weebie, Taylor, butterfly, purple weebie, dollie

Abigail still sleeps with "bear"  We have 7 of them but she only needs one each night.  She puts him in her mouth so bear goes right in the laundry after one night.  But she doesn't need to have him with her unless she's sleeping.  Thank goodness.

Abigail is still in her crib.  Yes, you read that right.  But she still naps and it's so easy.  And she's so little for her age.  And part of it is the process of finding a bed, buying a mattress, taking down the crib, etc.  It all makes me tired just thinking about it.

Anna is a busy second grader but she finds safety in all of her activities.  She plays viola twice a week.  She takes art lessons, and does ballet.  And there is also church school.  Busy little girl. 

Scott is super amazing at his job.  I'm in awe of all he does all day.  He's devoted to public education and putting children first. 

Scott is super amazing at home.  Sometimes I wonder how he does all he does at night.  Just last night he came home, played with the girls, had family dinner, cleaned up his inlaws dogs throw up without complaining, fixed a broken stool, played a game with the girls, cleaned up the kitchen, worked out, and still had time to talk with me.

I'm loving learning all I can about photography.  I've got more than a long way to go but I get goosebumps when I take out me camera.  I love to capture those moments. 

I've got a crazy thing about laundry an sheets.  I change sheets a lot, and I iron them.  Crazy waste of time but I like a crisp bed.  Crazy.

If there was one thing I could change about me it would be bedtime.  To be more disciplined with it.  I go to bed way too late.  But isn't the house so yummy when it's so quiet?

Anna loves being dropped off at school with her fiend that we pick up, Juliannah but she takes the bus home. 

Homework takes too long.  Yuck! 

I think too much about the future and what it holds.  I know the One who holds in all in His hands.  I know I don't need to worry.  I've got to work on that. 

I love my little family.  I love my bigger family.  I love Scott's family.  Life sure is good!


  1. This was beautiful, Tara...could you email when you get a chance?

  2. What a sweet, sweet family picture!
    I love seeing Anna's wings peeking out there!
    I could relate to so many things on your list.
    Especially the lack of patience when searching for that last lost bedtime friend and loving the quiet house at night....ahhhh....I finally made it to mine!
    Enjoy the night
    But get to bed early!!!:)