Friday, January 21, 2011


Another snow day... I love them!  Love them, love them, love them!  And here's my positive view on tired of winter.  Can you believe that I like this weather better than April?  Another crazy thing about me!  Here's why.  Can't believe I'm saying this.... snow is white.  There, I said it.  Spring is muddy.  Yes, I like the sunshine too.  But sure to love the cozy winter.  Yummy food, bulky sweaters to hide the yummy food.  Long nights.  No yard work.  And clean, white snow.  Crazy, I know! 

Here's how we spent some of our snow day today. 

Poor McDuff.  He never even gets a nap in during the day!  He's going to be so tired when he finally goes home.  He's going to enjoy retirement after a month with us!

Happiness on the winter playscape.  My girls only go on their playscape in the late fall and all winter.  They are creeped out by the spiders during the summer.  It does seem to be a happy home for tons of spiders.  So they avoid it all summer.  Crazy again!  I have to climb up in use a broom to get all of the cobwebs to even stand a chance for them to go up there in the summer. 

The best fun of all is happening right now without my camera.  I just feel lazy.  They've made a tent in the living room and have "moved in".  They are now roasting pretend marshmellows in their tent.  Santa could have just brought a sheet and some clips to hang it!  I'll tell him next year!

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