Friday, December 31, 2010


Okay, so Abigail didn't want hugs and kisses at the time but I love to capture it all.  And when I capture anna's affection it warms my heart.

It's the hands that I love in this one more than the kiss

Wooden doll beds that Santa made for both girls.   This was the one thing on Anna's list that Santa had to bring.  Ahh, little girls!

Love this one.  I told Anna to make a face when she opened a book.  She really didn't have this reaction.  It's her first hard cover chapter book.  A lovely story I know she'll love. 

ooh, matching nightgowns for her and her baby

To grown her own fairy garden so the fairies will come

 Christmas Bliss

All tired out from Christmas morning

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  1. Lovely sister memories captured!!:)
    And we LOVE Clementine books!!
    Enjoy the day