Monday, April 3, 2017

It's April!!! Weekending (and a funny story)





snowing (yes, we woke up to a dusting on Saturday morning. Not much to stay long but Saturday sure was a cold day here) Sunday, sunny and spring like!


typing (on the first of every single month (during my Bible time) I ta ke that one Bible time to type up all of the notes I've taken during that past months Bible time. I print and organize it by catergory in a three ring binder. Usually I study one topic per month. March was all about the sweetness of my mouth. I looked up, ready, studied all scriptures having anything to do with the words we say. At the end of the month I type it in outline form for future reference)




practicing (and sneak picture taking)


resting (with oils diffusing)


church ~ing


with daddy only, I stayed home so Abigail could rest... oh these two... they fill my heart!


"friends" watching (all sleeping friends needed to be run on sanitize


hugging (warm out of the dryer)


Peter Rabbit puzzling


maternity ~ing (the in labor photoshoot)

So, on Saturday afternoon I was going through infant clothes to give to a friend who was having a baby soon. Abigail was playing dollhouse right next to me. I looked down at my phone and saw a frantic text... "my water broke! can we still do the photoshoot?"

Yup! My friends water broke and she still desperatly wanted to get that maternity photos taken. So I raced over to her house to take a bunch. Mom and Dad were so unbelievably calm. Dad was packing the bags and getting things all set but took time to ask me how I was doing (like nothing was going on) And Mom was like I'm just going to throw some makeup on and I'll be right with you. Grandparents were arriving to get ready to watch their two year old boy for the next few days. It was the most fun I've ever had on a photoshoot... EVER! And so amazing to be a part of these moments!


more to show you soon! Have a wonderful week everyone!

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  1. Now that is one brave mommy to be!!!!
    Love your weekend.
    And you. : )


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