Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Newport, RI

Scott and I were just chatting tonight about how blessed we are that no matter what direction we travel in for two hours we can be somewhere wonderful. Two hours to NYC. Two hours to Boston. Two hours to the mountains of New Hampshire. Two hours to the quaint towns of Vermont. And two hours to Newport, Rhode Island.

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Newport is often called the "city by the sea". It's a very old New England town. Charming, filled with history, sailboats, ocean, shops in old New England homes.

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It's yacht-filled harbor hosted the America's cup, a renowned annual sailing regatta, for many years.

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Down by the waters edge are old cobblestone streets and wonderful shops. (and restaurants)

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We had the most lovely lunch here, a restaurant right on the water.

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Newport is also known for the Gilded Age mansions lining Bellevue Avenue, some of which are now museums. The most famous is The Breakers, an 1895 mansion patterned after a Renaissance palace.

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We toured The Breakers. It was wonderful. They had a self guided family tour and I loved watching Abigail listen and look up when they told a story about a ceiling or something in the mansion.

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I think especially for Abigail, this tour was so enchanting because we recently saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie.  She lingered in front of this stair case and I can only imagine she was waiting for Belle in her yellow gown to float down those steps.

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The family tour was filled with wonderful stories in each room. Lots of fun facts and 'just enough' of the history of the mansion.

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She was so excited "we get to go upstairs!"

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It was such a wonderful day together. Sunny and 70 (after a snow day my favorite weather on the planet)

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They loved seeing the children's playhouse!

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And you can't go to Newport without a stop at the Newport Creamery!

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Loved this day with Scott and my girls!

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