Wednesday, April 19, 2017

~ A Blessed Easter ~

baskets 37

I'm feeling all filled up inside. (writing on a Monday evening, the day after Easter) It was such a lovely one. Sometimes when I think about Easter and even just spring, tears fill my eyes. (Yes, Billie Jo, I think that maybe Easter is my Halloween, wink)

prep 1

So wonderful, I just don't know how I can get through another year until it is Easter again. I suppose Christmas will come to save the day, right? I do love Christmas. And snow. But for now, here in Connecticut we are in love with spring.


"O the green things growing, the green things growing. The faint sweet smell of the green things growing!" ~ Dianah Mulock Craik

The skies are right now bright blue with little whips of puppy clouds. My weeping cherry tree is in full bloom, and I don't know how, but I am surprised each year at just how beautiful it is. I think I've told you this story here on this blog before, but my first grade class (and wonderful families that year) bought me a weeping cherry tree in honor of my grandfather who passed away that year. He was a florist and a gardener so it was the perfect gift to honor him. And every April I can feel his hand in mine when the blossoms open. I just adore this tree.


The windows have been open lately and the fresh air blows the curtains. It smells like spring in our house. Soon we'll have to close up the windows for a few (or four) weeks as the pollen becomes too much for Abigail to bear. But for now we are airing out. I put my oils away for a bit because the air is infused with spring. I took the down comforters off, washed, and packed them away until the end of October when we'll need them again. Crisp sheets, just a blanket and bedspred... What more does a girl need?

Oh! Easter, I forgot for a bit what this post was supposed to be about. Easter was beautiful in every way. Most particularly the summer like weather. Just gorgeous. I had the church coats out and ready for Mass that morning, but they were for sure not needed. Not even that light cardigan that Anna was wearing.

Our day started out with Abigail waking up at 6:00 super excited! And then the girls went down for baskets.

baskets 1

baskets 2

baskets 7

baskets 12

Anna goes right for whatever is soft. So her.

baskets 13

baskets 3

And Abigail pulls out whatever is cute and little. So her.

baskets 14

baskets 4

Anna's 'I got candy' face.

baskets 15

baskets 5

baskets 16

Disney socks!

baskets 36

baskets 17

baskets 6

baskets 18

baskets 19

baskets 8

baskets 20

baskets 9

baskets 21

baskets 10

baskets 22

baskets 35

baskets 11

baskets 23

baskets 24

If I stare at this photo long enough I can see Anna age two!

baskets 25

baskets 26

baskets 27

baskets 28

baskets 29

baskets 30

baskets 31

baskets 32

baskets 33

baskets 34

We decided this year to have a really light breakfast and come home from Mass to a really nice brunch.

So smoothies before church it was!

breakfast 1

Oh! I almost forgot! Abigail lost a tooth the evening before Easter! So the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny came on the same night! (just like back here when Santa and the Easter bunny had to meet up this past Christmas Eve)

prep 2

breakfast 2

Happiness in finding her gold coins.

breakfast 3

Then dressed up and ready for 10:00 Mass.

breakfast 4

breakfast 5

breakfast 6

breakfast 7

Mass was, as usual, beautiful.  I don't have the courage (and too much respect and awe) for taking out my big lens when it is the consecration, but all of the children are on the alter.  Standing right there.  They raise their hands as Father holds his hands over the bread.  It is just the most beautiful moment in the world.   I soak it in.

chruch 1

church 2

I love 'playing house' and I set up the dishes, played around with tablecloths and loved getting a little family brunch ready the night before.

brunch 1

My Beatrix Potter figurines were happy to dress up my table.

brunch 2

brunch 3

This Wedgewood china is very special to me. My grandmother gave it to me the Christmas that Scott and I were engaged. I love how the larger plate looks like a lettuce leaf and then the wild strawberries are so spring. She is also the same grandmother that bought me my very first ever Beatrix Potter figurine when I was around 12 years old.

We were shopping in a department store called G.Fox. I remember that it was fancy. She had taken me to pick out a few things for back to school and somehow we ended up in the jewelry area. I saw Mother rabbit and she bought her for me.

Funny thing is, I don't have her anymore. Somehow she got lost between the age of 12 and 40 when I started collecting them. I've searched my parents house and our attic but she is gone. These days that particular figurine sells for about $200 at antique stores. I'm not sad. I have the memory of my being with my grandmother and holding in my hands that very first one.

brunch 4

brunch 5

brunch 6

brunch 9

brunch 7

brunch 10

brunch 8

brunch 11

brunch 12

brunch 13

Some of us (wink) changed back into PJ's and our mini egg hunt began!

egg hunt 1

egg hunt 2

egg hunt 3

egg hunt 4

egg hunt 5

And then off to my brother and sister in laws house for a big ham feast. ~ and ~ another egg hunt.




laughing at their silly dog





Pretty as a picture, helping her toddler cousin.









Yes, it is spring and each day I see more and more trees blooming.  When I drive Abigail to her school and me to my little school I feel like I'm driving through a painting.  I love it all so much.

I hope that your Easter was filled with just what your family loves and all that makes your heart happy.  Blessings to you this weekday and this season of spring.


  1. Your pictures are just gorgeous....every single time!! Oh and I love your dress, so perfectly Easter. I'm so happy you are having wonderful weather, the seasons are going by so quickly this year. Your Easter Sunday was perfection.

  2. Oh. Where.
    Where do I begin. are so lovely. So classy. So sweet.
    Your Easter was perfection.
    Your photos?
    I can't even.
    Ohhhh. You had a wonderful Easter!
    I am jumping for joy!
    P.S. I didn't know you used oils!!!
    I just started!

  3. P.P.S. I adore your tree.
    P.P.P.S.The Disney Socks!!!!!!!