Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dress Rehearsal

Each year I dress the girls up in their Easter dresses and we head down to a park. I like to take a few photos of them before a holiday because, well, sometimes a holiday can just 'get away from me'.

I also like to see how the shoes worked out, how the hair bow choice actually looks, etc. Sometimes I make changes or adjustments.

This years changes: (1) I wanted to change Anna's whole dress. I pictured it so pretty on her but behind my big camera lens it just didn't do anything. (2) For sure, Abigail's hair needed to be braided. (3) Some kind of necklace on Anna if she really wanted to wear that dress on Easter. (4) Not enough photos of Anna. Remember to take more of her on Easter!

I love these non-Easter, but Easter photos.

blog 1

Changing right before my eyes.

blog 2

But still little.

blog 3

I thought you'd like an up close of the smocking.

blog 4

blog 5

blog 6

blog 7

blog 8

I love them!

blog 9

blog 10

blog 11

blog 12

blog 13


  1. So pretty and growing so quickly!

  2. So lovely!
    And the smocking. Be still my heart!
    Anna, you are stunning!


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