Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Early Spring

"April in New England is like first love"  ~ Gladys Taber


Today was 64 and sunny.  Weather perfection.  I love the early spring.  The warm sun on my face, looking for signs of spring outside.

But I'm no fool.  I've lived her my whole life.  I know that at 46 and rain is just around the corner.  So I don't pack away all of the cozy yet.  Still need those rain boots, and a coat on some days.  And that's okay because a day like today reminds me that days like this will be day after day after day.

Today I left my coat I was wearing in the morning in my car in the afternoon.  I walked into my school with just my skirt and sweater.  It was like a little treat!

After school Abigail wanted to see the new bird feeder.  Finally up and ready for a little bird family.
(Dad made it for me as a Valentine's Day present, post back here)


We thought about it on it's own post.  And someday we might do that, but for this year we both thought it would look pretty ON the fence near the arbor.  Anna walks through that arbor to school and she's anxious to see someone moving in.


Happy spring!

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