Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring Weekending

This weekend, if I could, I would bottle up


the warm sunshine and just how goooood it felt


the playing outside after church still in church dresses


the movie we went to on a rainy Saturday morning, Born In China and just how good it was


and how Abigail brought her "friends" and every time it was showing the panda family in the movie she held up her panda. Every time the movie showed the monkey family she held up her monkey. For the entire movie. It was just so darling because she was so serious about it.



the last "family program" at our church for this school year


that wall project that we finally got finished up


The Santa Claus oil painting hand above our fireplace from November 1st to January 2st every single year. But it's too sad to pack such a treasured piece of art away the rest of the year. For so long it hung (non-holdiay time) in an upstairs hallway. But it looked so lost on a big wall. I'd always wanted to have a sort of collage around it. So when the Easter bunny brought the girls those hoops with their names, I knew it would be just what the wall needed. I do plan on taking it down of course for the mantle. And in it's place I'll hang a canvas photo of the girls. For now it welcomes me and makes me happy. Christmas girl that I am.

blog 2

I kept within the colors of royal blue and red.

blog 3

With a bit of pink mixed in.

I hope your weekend was filled with all that makes you happy. Even the things you have to do are so much more enjoyable with a smile and spirit of servanthood.

I love weekends and time with my family. And even cleaning my house. And having an 'at home' date night with my husband. All of it. But Monday is good too. Just a good. But in a different way.

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