Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Sounds of a Monday (on vacation week)

Scott was gone for the weekend (to an Educators conference in D.C.) but he arrived home in time for lunch on Monday!  (and is home for alll of vacation week, yeah!)

The girls and I took it slooooow on the weekend.  If fact there are no pictures for our lazy, wonderful Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday at home.  Except for Mass we really didn't leave home.  

Finally on Monday I picked up my camera just to capture a few things I was hearing.  

I know, pictures don't capture sound.  But sometimes I was doing some organizing or laundry folding and I heard sounds that I love.  So I would run up to capture just one image of what I knew was happening.  

This is what I heard.
blog 1

In a sweet little bedroom.

blog 2

Later on Bible time.

blog 3

The sweet sound of her music. (Lately I've been feeling so very grateful for the sound of her music while I go about my time at home. And honestly a little bit worried for about how I'll feel after only 4 more years when I don't hear this every single day. I'd do anything for time to stop.)

blog 4

And I asked Anna to take a picture of one thing she 'heard' me doing that day as well. Pie baking.

blog 5

It's not a vacation week without baking and trying out a new crust recipe I came up with.

blog 6

But THIS was the greatest sound of alllll on Monday. Daddy coming home!

blog 7

blog 8

Always with a little surprise for his girls.

blog 9

blog 10

And later on we celebrated. With this.

blog 11

blog 12

and the SOUND of us all around the kitchen table chatting. And laughing. Now that is a SOUND I adore.


  1. Tara,
    I adore this post!
    I imagine how much fun you girls had together in your beautiful house all cozy all weekend.
    Happy. Happy. Happy.
    The pie!!!!!
    And welcome home Daddy!

  2. That pie looks so amazing!!! I can almost taste it :)
    I can't believe Anna is growing up so fast, a "high schooler" next year!
    I'll be wishing alongside you for our babies to stay little forever and we can always her the sounds of them home with us, playing, laughing, giggling!!


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