Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Day I Took the Technology Away

Last night I scooped up all of the tablets, laptops, itouches, and phones.  I put them in a box and slid it under my bed.

Yes, I did.  Charges too.


But then we had so much fun. Little one outside doing 'spring clean up' in the backyard. Giggling and laughing with her daddy. I couldn't even get her in the house!



And gosh! I didn't get a picture! But Anna took everything out of her closet. She reorganized, cleaned and was so pleased when she was done! She found lots of things in that closet of hers that had been long forgotten!


And after dinner we had time for roasting marshmellows.




I found this on my nightstand.




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  1. Oh how much do you love handwritten thank you's from your girls!!! I love turning all technology off and even though I am so guilty of checking my phone throughout the day I honestly love when tablets are not being used at all! I find it so sad at how my girls friends think it's so weird for us to not have video game consoles in the house. I think we need more books and imaginations in homes and maybe kindness and happiness would be a little less rare.


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