Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Getaway Weekend, part 2

Yes, this was the dreamiest Christmas getaway weekend ever.  I've loved them every year.  (have I mentioned that it's my Christmas present to Scott and his Christmas present to me year after year?)  (except for that one year he surprised me with a tea cart)

I think we needed a 'dreamy' kind of weekend.  We've had a very 'full' fall.  And we're not used to (but having to get used to) Anna's 8th grade homework lasting until some nights 11:30 at night.  It's thrown us for sure.  Especially since we have to be up and going earlier than 5am.  An adjustment to life for sure.  This weekend is just what we needed.

This was our morning.

I woke up first (a few hours before anyone) and was so happy to sneak out of bed into that living room.  I shut the door and sat with my diary.  I wrote and wrote and wrote.  It was such a wonderful morning for me.

Abigail was up next and was happy as can be just watching the town out her window.


And for the next two hours we stayed in our little nest. Yes, for real. We did. So unlike me.

Always when we're away I want us to 'get up' 'get moving' 'what's next?' But this was not one of those times. We just relaxed. This was Abigail forever, in her own little nest in front of the fire.


While Anna slept off her homework till 11:30 pm nights.



Later that morning we had brunch reservations at our inn. Brunch with Santa!


Because we needed more magical in such a magical weekend.




And guess what? He had a whole station set up for decorating gingerbread cookies... yes he did!


He even helped!


I love Scott in this one. Such a girls daddy!


Smocking, Santa smocking... be still my Christmas heart.


Not sure what Anna was going for here... I suppose as much sugar as she could get on one cookie!


Okay, so he wasn't the {real} Santa. Much too young. And we know because we've met the real one! But she still got that look in her eyes. And the roaring fireplace and pretty mantle and cookie decorating, and smocked Santa dress made up for that little detail.


And then we ate and ate and ate.


Now, I think I'll go watch this movie for the coziness of it.

Or maybe this one. Because I've fallen in love with inns. Inns at Christmas time.

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  1. The dress!
    The dress.
    The entire day...
    You do Christmas right, my dear.