Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday House Tour ~ Dining Room


Do you know why I blog my house?  Two reasons.

1.  So that when I'm decorating the next year I can look back and say, "hey, where's that banner.  That's right, I remember having that candy mint garland.  I've got to go find that.  Where could that have gotten packed."  Happens all the time to me.  As carefully as I pack up a holiday, I still find that looking back there are a few things that I suddenly remember!

2.  The second is probably the most important.  Blogging my house has given me the gift of house contentment.  Truly, honesty, it has.  Sure, I'd change a whole lot about my house.  First of all, I pick it up and move it (still in the same town) but up on a hill, with a long front lawn.  (only if I could take Addie ... she's over 90 and lives next door to us) (and only if the young family across the street with that baby girl would come with us too).

Sure, I'd change some furniture in my house.  Who wouldn't?  And our mud room, well, it's fine and all but it's not exactly part of the house, so November through March it's too cold to leave our shoes out there.  They'd freeze, or move to Florida in the winter.

But when I stop, and take a photo like this one.


I feel grateful.  And blessed.  That I have a dining room.  That the twinkly stars hanging on my chandelier (that came with the house and I would change if I could), well with stars make me happy, especially the way they look in that photo.

So house contentment is one huge reason I blog.  And I'm grateful.

Back to the dining room ~~~

Oh for paper vintage {looking} houses, love these.




They are so pretty next to my moms brass candlestick collection.


And those stars (that I found at a sweet garden shoppe that was going out of business... why do craft stores like Michaels and what's that other one called? Can't think of it... have to rule the world? Me? I love the sweet little shops with treasures like these. (and ok, I like a good Hallmark store too)



Little Christmas touches here and there.


Hot Chocolate ready





12 blog





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