Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Writing to Santa


They are only allowed to ask for three things.  (because Jesus got three gifts on the very first Christmas) Of course Santa brings many more than three, but I love that there are only three that they know (hoping) they will get and the rest are a surprise to all of us!


(the part about 'are you friends with God?')


I have a picture of my girls dropping their letter in that big blue mailbox from the time Anna was old enough to walk. (you can see them if you click on that link on the bottom that says Santa Claus)

It's tradition. And something about hearing that slot snap close, well, it's all about "how many more days mama?" after that.

The excitement is mounting.

They wear red and green to school, or a reindeer shirt, all the bows and headbands are lined up.
Nightgowns these days are so Christmasy that I'm sure they only have "visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads"

It's wonderful to be a mother at Christmastime. Just wonderful.

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