Wednesday, December 14, 2016

So Many Concerts

Scott and I are so blessed to be able to attend the concerts of our girls. Last week there were four.


There was Abigail's first chorus concert at her elementary school. They have a lovely teacher and it was beyond spectacular.


I love this little 4th grader!


Flowers from Anna.


She was delighted!


It took a lot of dedication (and early Tuesday mornings) to get to this point and we were proud of her love for singing. A gift to us for sure!


And then the very next night Anna played at Barnes and Noble. Lets just pretend I have a photo of that beautiful night (I think Scott has a video on his phone)


And then Anna played for her select ensemble at her school concert the following evening.

I don't have a photo of that either but I do have the cupcake that daddy brought home for her to celebrate. We were proud of her dedication also. Early mornings on Fridays and after school on Tuesdays.



That weekend Anna played in an amazing (not school) Suzuki Orchestra.

(taped from my phone so the quality is horrible)

(yes, I know my phone didn't focus and it would have if I stopped and started again, but then I'd miss the song...)

I know this post isn't the usual 'pretty as a Christmas postcard' kind of post. I knew as I sat down here that I didn't have enough photos or videos to make it really work. But four concerts in one week, well, I just had to put it down here so that I can look back and remember!

I want to remember the busy days and the full ones especially since it feels like I was too busy on those days to remember them just the next week. I want to remember all of the times Scott and I sat in an audience and watched as they sang or played their viola. Wearing black on the bottom and white on the top is 'just another day for us' since there are just so many concerts. But I want to remember how all of them felt. How being their mother felt. The messy, the too full evenings in December, the white on the top and black on the bottom (I could open up a store), and the sound of their instruments. I love being Anna and Abigail's mother.

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  1. Wonderful post Tara! Love the pictures and the videos...beautiful memories!