Monday, October 17, 2016


a leaf peeking hike
marriage preparation program all day that scott and I led at church
girls at a pumpkin fair with grandma and grandpa
afternoon mass
beautiful amazing fabulous day serving alongside scott
exhaustion that night from pouring into all of those engaged couples


horse show for anna
a pony ride for abigail
leaf drive and park stopping
rescuing a new (but antique) beatrix potter for my kitchen shelf


it's he sweet?


getting ready for a new week
its the great pumpkin charlie brown



honestly, our october weekends this year have been a bit too full than i'd like or need them to be
with teaching all week (even just the reading help that I am) i crave a 'lots of time in my home' weekend so much to refuel me
and that is why i take pictures, so that I can look back and see the sweetness that WAS there.


  1. Soooo much cozy going on here.
    Makes my heart happy.
    And how blest are those engaged couples to have you and Scott to guide them.
    And now...cross that off the calendar!!!! : )

  2. I hope the rest of your October weekends are met with a slower pace. (I understand your thoughts about it.) Your new Beatrix Potter is adorable :)