Friday, October 28, 2016

Little Things I Noticed This Week

(writing Thursday night) 

It was a pretty bad week. Nothing earth shattering. Just lots (and lots) of small things.

Like Monday morning when Abigail and I got in the car to drive to her school (to drop her off) and then me off to my school and the car didn't start.

Scott got home around 9:30 and I got Abigail off to school. He took my car (after jumping the battery) and I took his car. He was worried that the car wouldn't start at my first school if I took it. (I tutor at two schools)

So, long story short, I've had Scott's car alllll week while we try and get to bottom of the problem with my car.

And it was an especially busy week with Scott home past the girls bedtimes two nights this week thrown in the mix. And cooking for our friends going through chemo. (blessed to help)

Up at 4:30 and running all day until my head hits the pillow, trying to give and give, first to my house (while everyone sleeps, I cleaned), then to my husband and my girls, then to my readers at school, then to my girls until they are in bed. And once they were in bed the to do's started all over again, food, lunches, cleaning, basics...

I can do it. I love my life. My day to day. I love it and am so grateful for all of it. But this week there were school issues for both girls that weighed on us and viola problems to solve. A bunch of other things thrown in the mix.

And when we are ragged, Scott and I, when we are supposed to pull together, sometimes when we're pulled in too many different directions we are not giving our best to each other.

But we know that this week, 'this too shall pass' and that minor annoyances and concerns on our heart are so small compared to the trials of our fiends dealing with cancer.

Why did I just say all that? Because when I look at the photos, quick ones I took this week I'm reminded that there was beauty in the mess. THERE WERE moments that were gifts from God. Sweet ones. Right before my eyes. I might have been too concerned, too busy, too tired to notice this week, but somehow, something in my made me pick up my camera. And noticing for the first time here, I'm grateful.

I'm blessed to have those two sweet girls who need, want, need, and want from me. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, in every single way. Over and over again

I'm blessed to be his wife.

I'm blessed to have this position with children in two schools with sweet students. I'm blessed to work with them in reading.

I'm blessed to have this home. These things around me that make me happy.

I'm blessed to have friends that I can cook for and love on.

I'm blessed even when I don't feel blessed.

And this week, well, I may not have noticed these things as they happened. I really don't remember taking these pictures. But right now I notice...

I noticed how happy she was on 'wear a costume to Irish Dance class' this week.

1 2 collage

I noticed I took cotton off and put flannel on girls beds.


I noticed her, in the morning light, reading and reading and reading.


I noticed...these were NOT a hit. (sometimes I go buy Anna a bunch of things at Trader Joes because she never gets what she calls "store bought" because everything is homemade for us {abigails' allergies}) And then when she gets "store bought" she says, can I have that cereal you make?


I noticed her in the 'chapter book library' one morning getting some books down to give Abigail a 'what's next' book talk.


Anna chooses a few books, and chats with Abigail about them, why she'd recommend them, the genre, etc.


It's really the sweetest thing.


I noticed this essay Abigail wrote and was happy for her.


I noticed how she looked on Thursday morning.



I noticed SNOW! from 9:45-5:00 all day Thursday. Light, pretty, beautiful, making the world amazing, reminding me of fairies, and light and sweetness, snow!

This when it was first starting. I'm going from one school to the other.


An October snow...

Except the last time we had snow before Halloween {before all of the leaves fell} we had 9 days with no power. So we were a little worried when we saw things like this.


But from my kitchen sink, everything look wonderful...


So I did what I do best, I baked. Made a pie crust and chicken pot pie for dinner.



And that it what I noticed this week. I can not wait to get my jammies on, and slide into bed. It's really cold out... like 30! And sleep, sleep, sleep.

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  1. The snow pictures are beautiful! Isn't our country amazing? The vastness that is. There you are with October snow. Here we are in (white) skirts and flip flops with the a.c. running. Our cooler air will come eventually. (And my great-aunties would be rolling over in their graves if they knew I had white on AFTER Labor Day! Ha Ha!)