Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Just Us

Tonight when Scott came home he asked me to take a walk with him, just five minutes, after dinner.

You all know what after dinner looks like in our house, right. There was multiplication to practice with Abigail, algebra to help with Anna, a picture day form to fill out, emails to get to, just life.

But sometimes we forget that it all started with just us and that we are the glue to this family. Just us.

He promised me that he only wanted 5 minutes away from the house with me and that we could go on a walk during "your favorite part of the day". I do think it is such a pretty time of day and I've always loved the sun getting ready to set. My house getting ready to be cozy. So we went.

Just a walk, just us. We might have been just discussing kitchen ideas for decisions that need to be made. It wasn't life changing kind of conversations that we love to stay up late to have but it was good. Cool, crisp air, and just us.

And Scott, he sent me this song this week.  Swoon!

1 comment:

  1. So sweet and I love the song.. never heard that before! Have a great weekend!



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