Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Anna's Horse Show

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Anna rocked it at her first ever horse show.  It was a very special event to culminate this seasons end to horseback.  As cold will soon take over New England this outdoor activity will have to wait until spring.

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But it was wonderful this year.


I told more of this place, these people, and the kind of therapy this horseback riding is all about (back here)

I recently sent an email to the director of the program thanking her for all that she and her trained volunteers have done for Anna.


The motto of Spirit Horse is "first steps, first words" I so wish I found this place when Anna was about 4 years old. But the changes we've seen in Anna's more relaxed social personality has me thankful in so many ways.




Oh, and Abigail got to ride a pony that day!




  1. I am so glad she's loving horses! You can really tell, even just from pictures, how much she enjoys it and she seems at peace and calm up there like a natural! I am surprised that she is riding in shorts, is that not uncomfortable? The barn I work at is very strict on long shorts because of chafing and being uncomfortable, but I guess Anna isn't jumping or going very fast so it must not chafe. That's too bad that there isn't an indoor arena for her to continue the lessons :(

  2. Isn't horse therapy amazing? I'm thrilled that this is helping her and that she enjoys it as well. My horse lover was a volunteer three summers ago at a horse therapy ranch. Hers was a lowly job, (mucking the stables), but she loved it, loved being part of the "team".


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