Monday, October 31, 2016

October Weekending

the weekend starts when principal daddy walks in the door on friday afternoon

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i like to plan out my next week on friday evenings in the family room when we are all in there


love my planner


first i look at the big family calendar and write out everywhere we have to be all week in those little rectangles


and then I put in my to dos (laundry, clean the house, enjoy/decorate my house) {one per day, even though I work in the two schools this helps me stay on top of my house}

i plan out one week at a time but i can't wait to get to these thanksgiving stickers


on saturday morning after group viola class, anna baked cupcakes

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in the afternoon we hiked up here


with lily (from china) and her dad {same orphanage, same 14 months, same awful room}


it was so so good to see them


love how sweet teenage lily is


look at that carpet of leaves


i just have to be outside each weekend, even for just a little bit



a little decorate your own cupcakes afternoon



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18 collage


and we carved pumpkins (those pictures tomorrow, i think) and got ready for halloween...

Quote of the Weekend "When I get to Heaven, I'm going to ask God to show me a bunch of colors I've never seen before" ~Anna Baker (no, she's not color blind, which is why when I overheard her say that to her sister, I thought it was beautiful... because for sure God MUST have more colors up there)

Photo of the Weekend I love


Moment of the Weekend
{titled 'The Perfect Saturday Night'}


  1. Laughing & crying... My eyes literally started tearing up reading this. How very special & blessed both Anna & Lily are to have one another. I mean how many adopted children from a far away country at an isolated orphange can say that they know someone & are FRIENDS with someone who went through the exact same thing in the exact same place! I am sure I don't have to tell you how very, very special that it. And I don't know why but seeing "Dad" on the floor doing the puzzle as your girls practice their music & reading in the video you posted made me smile & chuckle!!! lol.. You have a wonderful family & are very blessed! Happy Halloween!! Blessings, Lisa from Instagram (hot_coffee4lisa)

  2. What a special day with your very special friends!! And your planner is darling :)

  3. Perfect weekend! Love the hiking pictures and your planner is adorable.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend...with a little of everything. Family time, time with friends, time outside and yummy food. Love the cupcakes.


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