Monday, October 10, 2016

{still} Weekending

We all have Monday off of course for Columbus day.  (always so perfectly scheduled right in the middle of such a beautiful time to live in Connecticut) BUUUUUT then Wednesday is a Jewish holiday (Yom Kippur) so that day is no school as well.  That leaves Tuesday smack dab in the middle of those two holidays to we have no school that day as well.  Do you know what that leaves us with?  That leaves us with a FIVE day weekend!

So today is we are still weekending.

But on Saturday and Sunday we loved our days...

homemade pizza
sweet neighbors that visited with their one year old
a super fun time at the marathon cheering on runners (my friend ran the half marathon and abigail and i were at the right place at the right time and FOUND her)
i loved listening to abigail cheer on runner after runner after runner "you can do it"  so sweet
nails polished in a pretty fall color, the girls say it's brown, i say its october
leaf change noticing, it's just the beginning
reading in bed
early morning run
abigail calling for me when she wakes up in the morning "mooooomy"  (love that)
anna working away on school projects
homework change to the 'main floor' only so that we can be together
sisters playing playmobil hotel
family working on the halloween puzzle
baking, always
reading on the couch to abigail, lots of halloween books


i've always like this one, so sweet, had it forever


abgail finished another nutmeg book


and decided to start this book next, i read the first chapter outloud and fell in love (i've got a thing for childrens literature) (The Adventrues of Miss Petitfour)

Some adventures are so small, you hardly know they've happened.  Like the adventure of sharpening your pencil to a perfect point, just before it breaks and that little bit gets stuck in the sharper.  That, I think we will all agree, is a very small adventure.  

Other adventures are so big and last so long, you might forget they are adventures at all - like growing up.  

And some adventures are just the right size - fitting into a single, magical day.  And these are the sort of adventures Miss Petitfour had.  

(lovely, yes, completely lovely)


and an irish dance feis

6 7 collage

8 collage


10 11 collage

12 13 collage

here's to more weekend... on monday, tuesday, and wednesday.
all weekends should be this long


  1. How perfect. We had a four day weekend but a five day weekend is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae!!! Enjoy every second :)


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