Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sunday Night ~ Game Night

Every single Sunday night right before bedtime we play a game as a family.  It's relaxing and fun.  I feel like it sets the tone for our week (we're in this together) and kind of erases the scattered feeling that is starting to happen on a Sunday night as we're all getting ready for the school week coming up.

We take turns picking a game.  I hate when they pick one that requires I think and use stategic moves.  I like games like Hi Ho Cherry Oh!  (still)


The best kind of games are the ones that get us laughing and being silly together!


  1. Love this! so happy to see there are other families who still do this :-) Have a great weekend!!


  2. Ha ha! I'm with you on the no-strategy games!! At one point in my life, a very long time ago, I really enjoyed the strategy ones. I think my favorite was Clue. :)


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