Friday, October 7, 2016

Little Things I Noticed This Week

This week I noticed some beautiful things. Even when our days are full. Really really full I notice. Sometimes I pick up my camera or at least my phone. But sometimes I don't. Here are a few things I noticed this week...

... how cute Abigail looked in her knee socks when it was her turn to lead the viola group class

... how pretty these roses were day after day


... how catching bugs on field trips make my girl smile (thank you Mrs. Mulready for the picture)


... how I bake even at crazy hours like 9 at night because it grounds me, makes me feel relaxed.


... how I'll do anything for a home cooked meal that I'll even cook the veggies early in the morning so that when I get home from work I've got dinner started.


... how the 'one grandpa taught her' she got right on the test


... how wittle my babies were


... how the sound of her playing doll house is beautiful to me

... how the sound of her playing viola fills our home with loveliness


... how pretty she looked in her fall colors dress practicing one afternoon


... how doing 'bible time with mommy' every Thursday after school gives their eyes a sparkle


... how golden light, late afternoon is starting to make the turning leaves sparkle


... how gently, carefully she puts her babies to bed each night "love you baby girl. mama is proud of you." she says


... yes, all of those things I noticed this week. And I'm grateful it is the weekend. More time with my sweet little family. Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful weekend.


  1. Loved this.
    Loved this.
    Thank you for noticing and for sharing these special moments.
    Loved Abigail with her bug...
    And Anna? So beautiful!
    Hugs to all!!!!

  2. Awe! I'm glad you did this observation. I wish I did it more often!


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