Friday, October 14, 2016

Autumn... all I do is dream of you

I heard this song on the way to my school today. And thought as I saw the sun through the trees, this is my fall song this year. So here ya go! (click here)

Around September 15th (give or take a day) I sort of woke up with a panic feeling, like what if I miss fall?

I know, that's weird, but autumn is glorious in New England; we wait all year for it.

But we can't just quit life and do fall.

So I got out my big blotter family calendar and wrote in some things that we were going to do. This was one of them "wax leaves"

After the girls and I got home from school we changed and headed to a few our our favorite local leaf spots.

The elementary school is one of them.

Spectacular right now.

6 collage

I've taken photos here every year since Anna was in kindergarten here nine years ago.

Here we are back in 2011

anna lying down1

abi throwing


Because untouched by photo shop these leaves and this tree (we've named the Mrs. Mulready tree) take our breath away year after year.

(named because of this picture I took back when Abigail was in kindergarten)


2 collage

especially when the sun is just right.


"suddenly there was a wonderful chill in the air, even in the warm sunshine, like hot apple crisp with ice cream," Susan Branch (of course)



After their school we headed to a local hike. (here) We hiked to the top. And loved everything along the way.


big old Connecticut trees.



~ Feed your soul with silence; that's where dreams are born ~

10 8 collage

This hike overlooks all of this, leaves just starting to turn here.




There's something about the sunshine and the dark forest.


15 collage

When we got home we melted the wax and dipped our leaves.


They are right now between pages of really heavy books so that we can hang them and even mail them off to friends who don't see what we dream of all year.

18 19 collage

yes, fall, all I do is dream of you...


  1. How I miss the colors of fall. They are certainly different down here in TX compared to the gorgeous colors of fall that I grew up with along the Illinois River. I do have a Red Drummond Maple in my front yard, but it doesn't turn color until December due to the climate. I miss apple orchards and "real" pumpkin patches ;)

    There is give in take in every part of life. Just yesterday I was lining up the shoes on the shoe rack in the garage (we could never leave our shoes in the garage on a rack in Illinois due to the extreme cold), and the thought entered my head, how happy I am to be able to wear flip flops almost year round! And how little I have to spend on clothes since we need very little in winter clothes.

    At any rate, what a lovely field trip you and the girls took. The pictures are just gorgeous! And what a fun craft :)

  2. Oh my the colors of those leaves ...absolutely amazing! I can only imagine how beautiful it is driving through your town this time of year.

  3. So beautiful! Gods beauty is surely not wasted on you and your family!

  4. Yes.
    Just yes.
    Those photos are stunning, Tara!
    As is your family in that beautiful part of the world!

  5. What a wonderful idea with the leaves!! I may just do it with my kids! Looks fun! And fall is my favorite season too!! Infact I got married in the fall just so my hubby & I could have those gorgeous colored leaves in the backround of our pictures! And that sound put me in the greatest mood!! I actually texted the link of that song to my hubby today.. Had to share it!! Love all those classic old time songs & singers.. Frank Sinatra blarring while cooking in the kitchen.. Windows open.. Cool breeze.. Oh how the season of fall is such a lovely time of year! No shopping or presents.. Just a season of beautiful weather, cozy sweaters, dim evenings at home with candles burning & the sharing of good food with friends & family!! Have a great day!! Sorry I don't comment more but I am always reading your posts! I enjoy them immensly! Blessing!! Lisa aka hot_coffee4lisa


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