Wednesday, August 12, 2015

15 Days of Summer

Confession... I HATE children's museums. And I've been to so so many of them. Small, local ones. The Boston Children's Museum, ones in DC and more. I always leave with a headache and I hate that every time you walk up to a 'try this out' science "y" exhibit I can never get it to work. Or I can never figure it out. Or I don't care. And there are too many strollers. And there are kids screaming. There. I said it. I hate childrens science museums.

But this I'll do.


An Art Museum. I don't know anything about art.


And a lot of it is boring to me. But to Anna, the artist in our family, it is all fascinating. I sit on a bench in the room and watch her. Watch her peering into the art like she knows something I don't.

She looks alive at a museum. Her eyes deep in thought. (just went back to this post and it amazes me... her deep in thought at an art museum waaay back)


But I did like the exhibit on Connecticut furniture. This cradle was from 1641. 1641!!!


And this one! It belonged to the Colt family way back in 1792! Amazing to me!


And this painting... I adore this one. I take Abigail's picture under it every time we go. There is just something about this oil on canvas.

6 collage

Yes, art is something that Anna teaches me. She doesn't teach me like talking to me while we're there. It's more like I learn from watching her love it so.



It was a peaceful, lovely day.


Waay back in 2011


  1. Wow! Being an antiquarian (Fancy term for a person who collects vintage things) the cradles amaze me! They look like they're in awesome shape for being that old. I also would love to go to an art museum; it sounds like something I would enjoy!
    Thank you for sharing the cradles really made my day!
    -Hugs from Hayley

  2. Oh art museums are the best! And the pictures of the girls lost in the art is precious. When you come visit I will take you to our art museum. :)