Friday, July 19, 2013

Boston... Bit by Bit (day 5)

Last days of vacation are always mixed for me.  I can't wait to get home but I know that with being home there are so many distractions and so much more to do.  So we tried to soak in as much as we could on this little half day in Boston. 

I had to get a breakfast buffet picture.  How Anna loved those breakfasts!



And then off to the Museum of Fine Arts.  It was three T stops and I got asked twice for directions.  I guess but then since I didn't need the map and the girls and I were so relaxed we looked like we lived there. 


Museum of Fine Arts.... amazing.  Even though I'm not an art expert or even that crazy about all of that I was in awe.  And if I was in awe, Anna was in her glory. 


She's always loved art and had taken lessons since she was four.  I kept snapping pictures of her gazing at the art. 


She'd stare at something silently forever until I told her it was time to move on.  And then often times she'd say, "moooomy...." kind of annoyed at me for rushing her. 


Fingers in her mouth, staring straight at painings for a loooooong time. 

I wondered how she got this deep appreciation for art.  It certainly didn't come from little old me who is highly more concerned about finding the perfect color light blue and red tea towels to hang over my kitchen stove than works of art. 

But she loves it.  And it reminded me to take her to art museums a lot more. 


I kind of perked up when we got into the Monet room. "Oh I know this...." I thought. And anything with mothers in their motherhood I can love. 



Crafts outside for the kids. Abigail saw this on the way in and talked about it the whole time. "Is it time to go outside to do the craft yet?"



I wish I handed off that camera to someone to get a family shot of us before we left.  That would be the perfect picture for right here... but oh well.

It was such a wonderful opportunity for all of us.  But as always, there's no place like home! 


  1. That is simply amazing how much more she sees in art than most people! She was so serious about it and seemed to be seeing things that others could not :)

  2. Agree with Patty...just amazing! I on the other hand am just like you...tea towels are my thing!

    Glad you had such a wonderful week, and I know how happy you are to be back in your beautiful and sound! : )

  3. I love Anna's face while she is looking at the art. We have a beautiful art museum near our home that the kids love visiting.

    I am the same way with vacations. I love my time away but I really love being at home. The last day of vacation is always hard for me as well.

  4. last days are hard! and you nailed's all the distractions and "stuff to do" once you get home that makes it such a bummer!:(

    I always kick myself about missing a good family pic too. we need to travel together so we can just snap some for each other!!:)

    we have never been to an art museum...and that my friend is sad!!:( must fix SOON!!!:)

    so fun finally catching up tara, I missed a LOT! you guys have been busy!! with all good stuff of course!:)